Behind the scenes isn't glamorous:)

Hop to the left. Elbows up. Knee jerk. Jazz hands. This might sound like a new workout routine I’m drafting up, but it’s actually the sequence of motions I go through to change out of my sweaty workout clothes into fresh ones in between classes. Sometimes the workout I get from this feat is my hardest of the day… Read More


TPI Golf Screening | 20% Off for Father's Day

Make this a Father's Day he will always remember with the gift of our Titleist Performance Institute Golf Screening.

A value of $120, now just $100 until Father's Day!  You can opt to email the gift card or print it out at home with fun Father's Day or Golf graphics! 

Click this link to get started and then follow the steps below!

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About the Screening:

The TPI Golf Screen consists of 14 movement screens, a fitness handicap and a  7 page report linking your movement patterns to your golf swing.  The more info you or your pro can provide about your swing, the more relevant the report and the optional online exercises become!  Screens must be completed before joining It’s Working Out’s golf performance so this is a great place to start for  increased distance and decreased risk of injury.

Sweating for Life, Not Just for the Wedding

Of course, I want to look good in my wedding pictures..... Read More


Press Release for Golf Performance Program

What’s the common denominator for 75% of the world’s top golfers? Read More


Golf Performance Program at It's Working Out

In golf, the most important piece of equipment is your body. We invest in fancy clubs, hi-tech balls and even high-performance golf shirts — we should also invest in training our bodies to be the most effective tool possible. Read More


Benefits of Personal Training

As we prepare for the beach we have some added motivation to get workouts in, but once school is out for summer it can be difficult to juggle driving kids to camps and the pool alongside a workout schedule. A great way to remain accountable for a healthy lifestyle this summer is to hire a personal trainer. Trainers are not only more reliable than your usual workout bud (who is inevitably taking his or her vacation time to do just that), but they can create efficient, personalized workouts to help you meet your goals in the time you have free during your kids’ swim team practice. Read More


Vacation hack: Keep off those extra pounds without weighing your suitcase down

Has a flight delay ever left you sitting in the airport digging into your kid’s backpack for his or her M&M stash? Or maybe you chose “Pizza-Flavored” Combos on the eleventh hour of your cross-country road trip... We’ve all been there. And with summer road trips in the works, we might be there again soon. Traveling can create a road block on your path to healthy living. Fortunately, you might own a solution more portable than a NutriBullet or treadmill. TRX straps: where you have the will and a palm tree or swing set you have a way (to exercise). Read More


Why Rowing Is The New Spinning

Those in the know say rowing is set to become the hip, new kind of cardio. "Add up all the benefits of rowing and it's no wonder more and more guys are stepping off the stationary bike and strapping into a rower." "People are catching on that they could be getting so much more out of their workout in the same amount of time," Roberts says. Read More


"Rowing has made its triumphant entrance to the forefront of sports and fitness...." Full article linked below


What's the Difference Between Exercise and Physical Activity?

We’ve been told over and over that we need 30 minutes of daily exercise to maintain a healthy lifestyle. So you may be surprised to learn that recent research shows that the amount of time we spend sitting each day is just as important as the amount of time we spend exercising. A new term, “active couch potatoes”, has emerged to describe those who exercise 30 minutes per day, yet remain sedentary the rest of the day (commuting, sitting at work, eating meals). Read More