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Marievee Santana; Client at It's Working Out in Cincinnati, OHCongratulations to first time Flying Pig 10k finisher and #IWOW, Marievee Santana! "I ran my fastest 10k ever and attribute the improvement to TRX," she says! Way to go!

Tiffani Fisher; Client at It's Working Out in Cincinnati, OHTiffani Fisher is It's Working Out's latest IWOW spotlight. Read her inspirational story:

"I love IWO for multiple reasons. First, I am more than an account here. At IWO, I am a person, with a name... a name that people know! Everyone is SO welcoming and encouraging! Not only are the trainers awesome, but the people attending the classes are just as awesome. It feels like such a community and a home away from home at IWO. Secondly, this may sound weird, but I am starting to like me again. I gained a lot of weight over the past two years which took a big toll on my confidence and general outlook on life. Since joining IWO around two months ago, I am starting to see results, which is helping me regain my confidence, and it feels great! Thirdly, working out at IWO is certainly making me a happier and more positive person.

Thanks to the lovely people, trainers and endorphins, I always leave so happy and I carry this mood into my day. So not only is it helping me physically, it is also helping me mentally, which I believe is just as important!"

CJ & Elizabeth Schmidt; Clients at It's Working Out in Cincinnati, OHCJ & Elizabeth Schmidt are this week's #IWOW! They've been taking TRX for over a year and really noticed a difference this year on the slopes! "I just can't believe how strong we've become," said Elizabeth. They credit TRX for their new ability to ski all day without getting tired and for easier runs on the moguls!

Dede Denning; Client at It's Working Out in Cincinnati, OH

This week's #IWOW is Dede Denning! Dede noticed a huge difference after hitting the slopes for the first time since she began Rowing at IWO. "Normally I would be way more short of breath and tired out west, but I felt great and was much more fluid," she said. "Watch your back, Lindsey Vonn!"

Sara Steinwart; Client at It's Working Out in Cincinnati, OH

This week's #IWOW is Sara Steinwart. After hitting a wall of being able to get away with not working out consistently and being able to stay “in shape” and bouncing from group workout class to another she was feeling lethargic and gaining weight where it was not welcome. Then she found TRX at IWO. "I’m going on 18 months at It’s Working Out and LOVE IT," she says. "My troubled knees are more stable and I've been able to start running again for the first time in 4 years. The strong core and long lean muscles from TRX have made me in the best shape of my adult life!"

Dave Brown; Client at It's Working Out in Cincinnati, OH

This week's #IWOW, Dave Brown, went "from chump to champ!" Big into goal setting and executing, Dave was feeling like a "chump" after months had past and he hadn't taken any steps toward one of his main goals of 2015, get into better shape. Upon this realization, he took action and began personal training  3x a week and Rowing at IWO. His journey began in October. Fast forward 5 months, Dave has shed 10 total inches, greatly increased his physical strength and endurance, kicked a bad Diet Coke habit and continues to set and crush short and long term goals! "My measurements were important to me, but more than that, I'm a happier person, my mental focus has improved and best of all, I don't feel like a chump."

Cindi Acree; Client at It's Working Out in Cincinnati, OH

Today's #IWOW goes to Cindi Acree and her success in the Heart Mini Marathon. "Thanks to my Feb/March IWO training I was able to motor up all the hills, especially Torrence Pkwy, AND get a PR!" Way to go Cindi, keep it up!

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Virginia & Hope Schmidt; Clients at It's Working Out in Cincinnati, OH

This week's #IWOW goes to "The Sister Act" Virginia and Hope Schmidt. When Virginia first started TRX class at 5:45am Hope thought she was crazy, but it takes one to know one because the 5:45am class has become a fixture in both of their lives! "The classes keep us fit, healthy and happy. We both agree, the best part is being able to workout with your best friend." 

My experience at IWO has been awesome. I’ve been able to build strength and keep up my cardio with early morning ROW classes and a mix of TRX and circuits throughout the week. IWO has offered diverse workouts from a great group of trainers that deliver challenging but fun classes that have proven rewarding from the start. Chris Heitker


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