• "TRX is a fantastic full body workout! It not only gives you bursts of cardio but also is great resistance training.  It worked muscles I forgot I even had and made it extremely enjoyable.
    The trainers are knowledgeable and positive which makes TRX that much better!"

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  • "TRX has been a game changer for me.  I get a terrific workout no matter which instructor of class. I look and feel more fit, and as a long time swimmer, my endurance and strength has improved dramatically since I've incorporated TRX into the mix!"

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  • "Your studio is the awesomest!"

    "Fun and Fabulous:)"

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  • "I'm so thankful to TRX! It's made a huge difference in my life and my health. You have the best trainers in Cincinnati."

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Why TRX Suspension Training At IWO?

Suspension Training is a revolutionary method of leveraged body weight exercise that builds strength, power, flexibility, balance and cardiovascular endurance. The TRX allows for fast transitions between exercises so you challenge your muscles and cardiovascular fitness in less time. You control how hard you work based on the angle of your exercise, so classes are TRULY multi-level!

After noticing significant results prompted by using TRX in personal training sessions, Kristen became committed to spreading its benefits and opened It’s Working Out. Today IWO classes are let by some of the city's most experienced and credentialed trainers ready to help you modify, progress and regress your TRX  workout to help you achieve your goals in a fun environment.

Why should I row at It's Working Out?

WaterRowers create the perfect calorie burn while working your legs, core and arms! It's Working Out's rowing classes are fast-paced and engaging, no rowing experience needed. Each WaterRower features the IndoRow Coach monitor, providing instant feedback so you can gauge improvement over time. All of our instructors hold a current, national certification and an additional certification to teach rowing classes. Come make waves with us!

Rowing Studio Heart Rate MonitoringRowing Studio Heart Rate Monitoring at It's Working Out in Cincinnati, OH

We invested in the software, hardware and licensing to customize your workouts with FitMetrix heart rate monitoring. Heart rate monitors allow for fun contests, instant tailored feedback and results emailed to you after class! 


Intro offers-include yoga!

$69 for 30 Days of TRX or Rowing+yoga
3 classes/week= $5.75/class
4 classes/week = $4.31/class

$129 for 30 days of TRX AND Rowing + yoga
5 classes/week = $6.45/class
6 classes/week = $5.37/class

memberships & class passes

$155 monthly for one studio + yoga!
If you attend:
5 classes/week = $7.15/class
4 classes/week = $8.94
3 classes/week=$11.92/class

Class passes and other memberships available


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