What is Yoga IWO Style?
We take a different approach to yoga.  We certainly love a universe in harmony, but our yoga doesn't include headstands or chanting, unless the Reds make it to the World Series!  Our studio will be a comfortable 75-80 degrees and low humidity.  Our certified instructors design class to help stretch and recover the areas that get tight from regularly working out and/or sitting at a desk: hips, chest, shoulders, neck, hamstrings and more. 

Why should I try Yoga IWO Style?
Our multi-level classes are designed with you in mind.  Adding yoga to your workout routine once or twice a week will increase your flexibility, improve your balance and reduce your injury risk.  Allowing your muscles to stretch, relax and recover helps them work better for you in the long run!

I take TRX, why should I take Yoga IWO Style?
Our yoga allows muscles to stretch, relax and recover on your "off days" so that they can work harder for you on your "on days".

I take IWO Rowing classes, why should I take Yoga IWO Style?
Our yoga will help you gain the hip mobility and hamstring flexibility you need to shave a few seconds off of your split time!

I don't go to IWO, why should I take Yoga IWO Style or any other class at IWO?

We can't wait to meet you! Actions speak louder than words, so please come get to know us.  The sooner you get to know us, the sooner you will know "fitness and fun"!

intro offer

$69 for 30 Days TRX, ROW & YOGA!

5 classes/week = $3.45/class
4 classes/week = $4.31/class
3 classes/week = $5.75/class 

Interested in Private Yoga sessions? 
Contact us to schedule.  $75 for private session.  Private group classes also available.