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Group Classes

"Fun and fabulous :)" - M.H.

"How unexpected to be greeted by name when I walk into class.  How welcoming, especially for someone new to the studio.  I noticed the studio on my house hunting trip.  Now that I have tried rowing, TRX and Yoga I am even more impressed!  What a nice studio and quality teaching!"  - L.M.

"The instruction exceeded my expectations.  Clear instructions and so fun.  The best workout I've ever had!" - J. K.


"I love that TRX offers me something different from running....as a marathon runner, I can see my running and overall fitness becoming stronger as I continue the TRX classes and strengthening my core." - C.M.


"I'm not the fastest rower or the strongest at TRX, but no one judges, and each day I improve.  It is great to see results and to enjoy this wonderful facility.  I've lost inches, regained energy and restful nights of sleep." - S.A.


"I'm so thankful to TRX! It's made a huge difference in my life and my health.  You have the best trainers in Cincy." -M.L.


I absolutely love the TRX and Rowing classes offered by It's Working Out. The trainers are friendly and do a great job of facilitating the work out classes. I really enjoy the rowing classes which pushes me to get my cardio up! I would recommend this studio to anyone looking to get into great shape! J.C.


"You are sooo wonderful. I love TRX. I love you and the instructors.  I love the participants and our TRX community.  I love the workout.  And, I love the transformation it has made in how I feel and look." -Jeff Goodman
(Of course, we feel the same about Jeff!) -It's Working Out Team


"I have more energy, have shed some pounds, and shrunk my waistline from TRX classes. The expertise of all the trainers makes the time fly by as we are working hard with good tunes and burning calories! Thank you TRX!" - M.V.


In 6 months of regular TRX and ROW (3-4 x /week), I have shed 15 pounds and dropped an entire dress size. I have more strength and endurance than I've had in decades. Thanks to the warm reception into this fun community, the instructors' enthusiasm and encouragement, this couch potato is reformed!  -Z.G.


"TRX is a fantastic full body workout! It not only gives you bursts of cardio but also is a great resistance training. It worked muscles I forgot I even had and made it extremely enjoyable. Kristen is very knowledgeable and positive which makes TRX that much better!" - A.L.


"I am loving TRX.  Most motivated I have been in a while about my workouts.  I love how it is always different." - K.C.


"My favorite success since coming to It's Working Out is the reduction in shoulder pain I've had.  I play ALOT of tennis and almost quit due to constant muscle soreness and pain.  With the help of Kristen and the IWO professionals, I've strengthened my shoulder to the point that I no longer worry about it when I play.  Or, actually...ever!!  I also was fortunate enough to work through a knee injury this past winter after a 9 year old took me out getting off a ski lift, and run the Flying Pig 1/2 marathon.  I wasn't fast but I made it due to the strength I had from all the lower body work we do with the TRX.Thanks IWO." - K.H.


"I wish I would have taken a "before" picture prior to starting TRX!  I never ever thought I could get the body I have now.  Within two weeks I saw such a dramatic difference in my shape, I just knew I could only get better...and I have!  Girlfriends have asked if I had plastic surgery!  The best thing is the time in class flies by.  Are you afraid of thinking you will look stupid or can't follow the moves? Wrong!  It is as if you are getting a private lesson and a class combined!  The instructors make you feel so comfortable and the attendees are concentrating on their own form so no one is looking at anyone else." - C.G.


"TRX has been a game changer for me. I get a terrific workout no matter which instructor or class.  I look and feel more fit, and as a long time swimmer, I notice my endurance and strength has improved dramatically since I've incorporated TRX into the mix!" - K.M.


"It's Working Out"...really because Kristen and her staff make this so fun and fresh you almost forget you are working out! Don't be fooled though, this is an all over body workout you're sure to feel the next day.  The TRX trained staff are so knowledgeable they are able to focus on every muscle group in each 50 minute session giving you the all over body workout you crave.  Their enthusiasm keeps class moving in an upbeat fashion moving from triceps, to hamstrings, on to obliques, the whole while making it adaptable for every level of fitness. Incorporating this workout into your regular fitness routine is sure to give you the results you have been looking for!" - J.N.


"When I first started TRX it was challenging, but definitely worth the time and effort.  I had a pair of pants that I thought needed the waist let out.  I was preparing to get them altered when I decided to try them on one more time.  To my astonishment, the pants no longer needed let out due to my waistline decreasing.  It was simply because the great TRX workouts were "pulling in my waistline." - K.W.


"I have been taking TRX classes for about a month and my pants are already so much looser and I'm getting tons of compliments. I am losing inches. I feel so much stronger, too." - S.M.


Golf Training

After three months of attending Golf Performance classes twice per week, I gained ten yards with my irons and fifteen with my driver.  The classes have helped my balance, flexibility and strength which all contribute to my full swing improving dramatically. - Oscar Zimmerman, St. Xavier Golf Team '19

I’ve been coming to It’s Working Out for over two years. In that time, my handicap has gone from a 15 to a 10 without one golf lesson! I attribute this to improvements in my mobility which have helped me get the turn that my swing was missing.” - C.J. S.

Every time I smack the ball long and straight, I thank Kristen for keeping me able to enjoy the sport I love. My flexibility and strength continue to increase and my game continues to improve thanks to It’s Working Out. I highly recommend taking the TPI screens and participating in their Golf Performance Program.  - J.K.

Low back pain was wreaking havoc on my golf game and my life. Kristen identified areas I needed to work on from the TPI movement screens. I worked with Kristen and attended the golf classes and can now golf and live my life free of pain! - G. C.

"I've been working with Kristen at It's Working Out for a long time and love the fact that Kristen is TPI certified. That means Titleist Performance Institute which, of course, is meant to improve your golf game. After a video swing evaluation by your golf pro and a full TPI movement assessment, Kristen translates that info into an exercise routine which strengthens your particular weaknesses, that correlate to swing faults. She doesn't teach the golf swing, she teaches your body how to capitalize on your abilities and how to strengthen what is weak. And, um... I shot a 77 on Saturday, so I'm guessing it works! If you're a golfer, go there! If you're not a golfer, go there! Her TRX classes and rowing studio are filled with enthusiastic people, energetic vibes, and excellent results!" - J.K.


Personal Training

"Kristen, you continue to be a great trainer that I don't take for granted.  You are one of a kind." - J.F.

Working out with Nikki has been one of the highlights of my 2017! I was so nervous finding a new personal trainer after working with my old PT for over 2 years but Nikki has been such a seamless transition and I’ve seen more results from working out with her in the last 6 months then the past 2 years! In the last 6 months I’ve lost 2.25in around my waist! First off the facilities are beautiful and always clean! The equipment is top notch and the workouts Nikki puts together for me are AMAZING! I love that I can track my heart rate on the TV screen while I’m working out and then am sent a summary of my workout after I’m done. Nikki’s attention to detail and thought that goes into the workouts she plans is extremely impressive. She always has something new for me to try which keeps it fun and makes the time fly by! She’s also a joy to be around and motivates me when I’m dragging which I appreciate so much! I highly recommend It’s Working Out, I’m so grateful to have found such a welcoming and fun place to go!!! A.C.


"Pushing and praising at just the right time.  My measurements were important to me, but more than that, I'm a happier person!" - D.B.


"Your studio is the AWESOM-EST!!" - K.H.

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