TRX and RIP Trainer Sports Specific Programs at It's Working Out

Training for Golf, Tennis, Baseball, Lacrosse, Running, and More!


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TRX Suspension Training at It's Working Out in Cincinnati, OHTRX and RIP Trainer sport specific functional training programs are fast, effective workouts. Both the TRX and RIP Trainers are portable, allowing us to bring your team's workout to your training room, field or stadium. Athletes in any sport including golf, lacrosse, tennis, baseball, cross country, track and field, basketball, soccer, football, volleyball or swimming can benefit from three dimensional movements not possible with other equipment. It's Working Out will create unique and challenging programs specific to your sports and goals.


We have experience designing programs for and training High School and club teams during their off season and would be happy to discuss the needs and goals of your team or individual athlete.

How to Get Started:

Would you and your teammates like to train together in the off season?
With a commitment to 8 sessions, we will add your group to our program schedule.  As a thank you for bringing the group to us, the organizer attends the sessions with our compliments!





Professional Sports Teams Training with the TRX

EVERY professional sports team with the exception of two NHL teams!!


Professional Athletes Training with TRX


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