Student Training at It's Working Out

Whether you are looking to get the edge in a sport or are looking to live a healthier lifestyle through exercise, our classes are for you!


Under the guidance of a Certified Personal Trainer and TRX Instructor, you will be lead through an effective AND fun workout! 


Our experience shows - most teens (athletes included)  lack core strength!

Because the TRX utilizes "All core, all the time"-core strength will improve while the entire body is worked through ALL three planes of motion. These functional, body weight exercises mimic our movements on the field, court, course, pool and in every day life!  Cardio endurance, flexibility and injury prevention are a component of each carefully designed workout.



Full Time students receive awesome discounts!*

BEST OPTION-Full membership for TRX, Row & Yoga/Stretch for $89/month.  Use PROMO code FTSTUDENT at checkout to purchase the $189/month membership and you will receive $100 of this membership EVERY month!

Or Full Time students receive 20% OFF single classes and 10 packs, please contact us for the discount.

*You will be asked to show student ID at first class with either purchase





Are you a member of a team looking for sport specific training?
Do you have a group of friends that want to workout together?
With a commitment to 8 sessions, we will add your group to our schedule and create a custom plan based on your goals. Contact us to schedule. 

TRX Training for Junior and Senior High School Students at It's Working Out in Cincinnati, OH