Benefits of Personal Training

Personal Training Studio-back wall
As we prepare for the beach we have some added motivation to get workouts in, but once school is
out for summer it can be difficult to juggle driving kids to camps and the pool alongside a workout
schedule. A great way to remain accountable for a healthy lifestyle this summer is to hire a personal
trainer. Trainers are not only more reliable than your usual workout bud, but they can create efficient, personalized workouts to help you
meet your goals in the time you have free during your kids’ swim team practice.

Maybe your summer workout goals involve fitting into that swimsuit you bought online and can’t
return. Maybe you have a hiking trip planned for the end of summer and you want to be able to finish
a ten-mile hike before dark. Personal trainers can make these ideas into tangible goals that you will
realize through the plan they build out for you. Trainers have the expertise to break down goals into
realistic, attainable stages.

Half of the battle is the workout plan, but the other half is getting yourself to the workout. Summer can
cause a hiccup in workout partnerships with friends as schedules are thrown off track. Personal
trainers inspire accountability (aka you better show up or you’re wasting your money), and a set
schedule to help you meet your goals quickly.

With your goals in mind, trainers can build a plan specific to your body and ability. They will also make
sure you complete your workouts with the correct form to avoid potential injuries. Trainers are experts
at modifications and will be able to make an effective, efficient and safe workout plan for you.
Not only do personal trainers inspire you during sessions, but knowing that you will see them again
soon carries that motivation between sessions. Trainers are there to recognize your commitment and
progress and to keep you accountable when the going gets tough!
Not only will trainers provide you with exercise varieties and modifications for injuries, but they are
there to adjust your workouts to help you meet your goals. You’ll be beach or mountain ready before
you know it!

If you’re looking for results, contact Nikki, ACSM Certified Trainer, at It’s Working Out
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