Reignite your resolutions

By this time you have hopefully set some resolutions for 2015. Possibly followed through on a few. Probably given up on a lot.

However, the zeal you felt for health and fitness when posting your “New Year, New Me” Instagram can be reignited via some of this year’s exciting new trends.

Body weight training topped the annual American College of Sports Medicine survey of 3,000 fitness professionals worldwide as the number one fitness trend for 2015.

According to Health Magazine, this means we will be seeing “workout spaces that are uncluttered with weight machines and open for training, greater suspension training options, primal movements, and more programming that is less focused on standard weight lifting protocols.”

Sounds a lot like a fitness studio close to home…

This year’s top fitness trend is engrained in the logistics of TRX body weight suspension training — it’s literally in the tagline.

Trends tend to come and go — perms, legwarmers, Uggs. This proves true for fitness trends as well — at least I hope you’re not still donning a turquoise thong leotard over pink leggings with a matching scrunchie on your way to step aerobics.

One day your hip friend is raving about her Barre class and the next week she swears by CrossFit. Body weight training is unique in that it’s not a fad, it is a proven and effective method that has been around since the first person decided doing push-ups would be a fun and beneficial pass time (curse them).
Body weight training involves everything from TRX to squats to burpees and is a staple in nearly everyone’s exercise regimen already.

If you can’t look at a treadmill anymore, never mind risk running on the ice, give body weight training a try in the comfort of your own home or at It’s Working Out.

Now that you’re all amped up for new workouts, make sure you fuel your body in effective ways.

This year is all about seeds. Chia seeds, hemp seeds, flax seed. Before you get all, “What is this? Food for birds?” think about how convenient these omega-3, fiber and vitamin rich superfoods are. They can be sprinkled on oatmeal or yogurt, blended in smoothies or added to salads. They can be an after thought that takes a meal to the next level. So when you realize it’s five and you haven’t started dinner, throw some chicken nuggets in the microwave and sprinkle some chia seeds on top for a healthy meal! (Just kidding, please don’t do this. That’s not how it works.) 

The new kale is… broccoleaf. No, that was not a typo or a bad pun. Broccoleaf is the leaf that grows around broccoli heads. It is packed with more calcium than skim milk, as well as Vitamins A,K and C. Broccoleaf can be added to omelets, juiced or used as your salad base. It remains to be seen if Beyonce will endorse broccoleaf on a sweatshirt — an honor that all vegetables hope for but only kale has accomplished.
Cauliflower Tots

Cauliflower is another trendy veggie. Its texture and color allow it to serve a variety of purposes usually only allotted to starchy potatoes — mashed cauliflower, cauliflower tots. It also plays into the gluten-free trend, acting as a tortilla or pizza crust substitute. 

Veggies are getting back to their roots — beets, parsnips and rutabagas. Michelle Obama’s viral vine asked, “turnip for what?” — obviously to be a health trend connoisseur FLOTUS.

Make it your new resolution to try out some of these health trends and then head to It’s Working Out for some body weight training — if you follow through maybe you’ll have a little less body weight to train.